SNO-N-ICE – The de-icing agent against snow and ice

SAFE, GENTLE, EFFICIENT SNO-N-ICE – The de-icing agent against snow and ice

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LARGER RANGE: Here one sees the range of 25 kg de-icing material and a sidewalk 1.5 m wide.



LESS CONSUMPTION: Only 10g per square metre: With SNO-N-ICE twice the area is covered with the same quantity of rock salt. You cover 1,666 m with 25 kg SNO-N-ICE, rock salt runs out after only 833m.


Thanks to the different sizes of the granules SNO-N-ICE has a particularly long effect and can be brought out on the previous evening. Only one of the advantages to assess the customers from most varied departments.

  • Municipal communities (85 %)
  • Hospitals, Old aged homes, rehabilitation clinics
  • Property management and building cooperatives
  • Industry and trade
  • Transport services and cable cars
  • Hotels und homeowners


The minimal aggressive effect on concrete, steel and aluminium allows the application of SNO-N-ICE at the most varied places.

  • Stairwells, footpaths and sidewalks
  • Bus and tram stops
  • Railway station squares, pedestrian zones
  • Platforms
  • Operating areas
  • Parks and parking roofs
  • Bridges and steep access routes
  • Waste water treatment plants
  • Entrance to Garages and parking places